Charlie's 67 Z/28
Charlie's Z/28 was completed and first shown at the Camaro Nationals June 22, 2012.  Charlie's Z/28 was certified and achieved "Top Flight" status with a score of 96.5% This was his first year of the Legends Certification judging.
Charlie attended the 2013 Camaro Nationals for his second year judging and achieved an outstanding 98.4% Charlie brought his "Top Flight" Z/28 back to the 2014 Camaro Nationals. His car achieved an unbelievable score of 99.5%
American Camaro Association Official Concours Certification

The following Camaros have been certified as having been thoroughly evaluated and scored under the Legends Class of Restored Concours Judging. They have been restored to a level of accuracy and detail worthy of being recognized by the American Camaro Association. The Legend Class certification is designed to maintain a benchmark for Camaro restorations. The standards and guidelines of this class are aimed at recreating a Camaro as it would have been released by the Norwood and Van Nuys Plants.


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Bruce and Caren's 67 Pace Car
Bruce's Pace Car was completed and first shown at the Camaro Nationals June, 2013.  Bruce's Pace Car participated in the Bow Tie class of judging. His score qualified him for the Legends judging the following year. Bruce returned to the 2014 Camaro Nationals where he scored 94% of the 5000 point system. Bruce and Caren made another trip to the Camaro Nationals in June 2015. This time Bruce's Pace Car achieved "Top Flight" status earning 96.6% of the 5000 point Legends judging system.
Frank's 68 SS 396 L78
Frank participated in the Camaro Nationals entering the "Bow Tie" judged class. Franks SS scored 985 points in the 1000 point judging. This score qualified Frank to be admitted into the Legends Class judging in 2015. Frank returned to the Camaro Nationals in 2015 and scored an unbelieveable 95% in his first year in the Legends Judging. Frank is planning to return in 2016 to the Camaro Natioanls and achieving the "Top Flight" award.